Transform Your Home’s Energy Efficiency With Our Solar Services in California

You’re either a new homeowner or have owned a home for a long time, but you’re probably facing the same problems; maintaining a balanced budget in the face of rising costs of ownership.

People today tend to look at those who own homes as privileged in some way, especially in California, but really, it’s a whole new bag of responsibilities and costs that non-homeowners are largely unaware of.

For one, there are no controlled costs for some of the utilities that renters might have as a luxury and those utility costs can add up quickly. Renters don’t have to handle the costs of maintenance and upkeep either, nor do they have to pay property taxes for the land they live on. It’s enough to drive anyone mad when they get accused of having just a moderate-sized home of ‘living large’ when the reality is, everyone’s struggling and homeowners know this all too well.

Small Energy Bill’s team is one of the top residential solar companies in California and knows that saving money as a homeowner through personal conscious discipline and cutting out comforts can negate any kind of satisfaction of owning a home.

After all, what’s the point of owning a house if you can’t enjoy it because you’re constantly trying to tighten your belt at every turn? Shrinking your energy costs is one way to regain that comfort you earned when you purchased your home.

How Does Solar Energy Work?

Solar power systems transfer the energy that blankets California over 260 days a year on average into usable energy for your home, whether you’re using that energy or not.

The sun’s energy is absorbed into panels that transform the raw solar energy into electrical power which is then fed into an inverter and distributed through your home. Any excess energy is then fed back into the already existing power grid where it is redistributed by your utility company.

You might be asking now, ‘Why is energy I’m collecting given to others?’

That’s where the savings come in. For all the power you generate, whatever you don’t use that powers the rest of the grid is deducted from your total energy bill. On top of that, the energy you actually consume from your panels is not charged to you.

During the daytime, your panels are working, and solar electricity is being generated.

However, most people’s energy usage during the day isn’t especially high since a good portion of people work during the day when the sun’s providing the most power.

While this happens, businesses are at the peak of power usage, and will likely use that power your home generates. Instead of storing that energy at your home, it goes to a central storage and redistribution network set up by your utility company to deliver it where needed, but it doesn’t do it without acknowledging where it came from.

The Process of Net Metering

Net metering is a way of getting a rebate on energy your home produces for the grid. Normally, when your home uses electricity to power things like your air conditioner or television, your wattage counts upward. At the end of the month, the meter is read by your utility company, and you are charged for consuming that power.

With solar panels and net metering, the meter runs bi-directional; when you are producing more energy than you use, your wattage counts downward.

If you use more than you are producing, it counts upward, but far more slowly than not producing your own electricity. Most people, they tend to be away from home during the day, running minimal appliances that require any electricity, typically a refrigerator and maybe a router and a computer.

This means that while you are away at work or taking care of other errands, your home is actively saving you money.

Some utility companies also offer some rebates and bonuses based on energy consumption combined with net metering which can save even more money and contribute to a more affordable lifestyle.

Maximizing Your Savings With Design And Engineering

One of the most important aspects of getting the most out of solar panels is taking each individual home, it’s position, and build and creating the highest amount of energy potential possible.

The sun’s position in relation to your home along with viable places on your home to install panels that don’t compete with your home’s appearance nor require extreme rewiring of your electrical system are all considered at once. The engineers and technicians responsible for the design and installation tailor everything so that your property is altered as little as possible but give you the most exposure sunlight so that your wattage counts backward as much as possible.

In addition to these design concerns, our team also knows building codes and safety regulations that keep all additions and reconfigurations of your system safe for your family.

Some solar energy installers will simply just ‘do the job’, but we know quality is highly important to anyone when they put up their money for an addition to their home and we take that seriously when we design the solution that’s right for you.

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Start Saving Now with Solar

People often have a little thought, “If I had bought stock in Microsoft in 1982, I’d be a millionaire today”.

The sooner you get on the savings train, the more you will save. The longer you wait, the less guarantee you can take advantage of the multitude of government-backed incentives and rebates available today.

The longer you wait, the more you stand to lose.

We are ready to outfit your home right now. Take advantage of the situation as it exists today.

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