About Small Energy Bill:

Energizing Today for a Better Tomorrow

Small Energy Bill is an energy solutions company dedicated to the future. We know that these days, simply being eco-conscious isn’t enough reason for many people who might be ‘feeling the crunch’ of economics on a personal level.

We believe there’s no reason to adopt any new technology unless it’s got the whole package; it’s a useful technology, it’s renewable or at least better than other solutions available, and is affordable.

Our commitment to solar energy goes above and beyond all of our very simple criteria for worthy technologies, even though we believe that a greener, more sustainable future is the most important consideration for any energy we put our weight behind.

It just so happened that it’s also an incredible way to save money. And with the current push by the government to switch over to green technologies, there are many incentives to make the switch now.

Solar panel installation

Building The Team for Solar Power

With any kind of technology, especially when it comes to deploying and installing it, it requires specialists and experts to get the job done right.

We knew the best way to deliver the best savings for our customers was to hire the most competent and capable engineers, technicians, and electricians possible. After all, there are other companies that install solar panels as well, so we knew we had to deliver “more” to stand out.

That’s why we focused first on building the most dedicated, enthusiastic, and skilled people for our team.

Doing The Research

We also knew that there’s more to a good installation than just forming the best team. We also needed to make sure we teamed up with the top manufacturers.

After all, what good is having the best team in the business if you’re working with substandard parts? As they say, you try all you want, but no matter how much makeup you put on a cat, it’ll never be a dog (and vice versa!).

After we assembled our experts, we had them evaluate all of the potential suppliers and their offerings for quality, stability, output, and a ridiculously comprehensive myriad of criteria, with the sole focus being on what is best for our customers, and especially their budget in the long term. After all, you can buy something cheap today, but if you’re replacing it all over again tomorrow, then you’re not even saving money at all.

Studying The Systems

Finally, we also knew we needed to become experts and follow the government policies and trends in effect and coming up so that our customers could take advantage of everything up on offer.

Anyone who’s ever tried to handle their taxes at the end of the year themselves knows that even just this simple ritual comes with all kinds of spaghetti policies that have to be navigated and you’re never quite sure if you did it right filing them yourself. Usually, you end up hiring a specialist to handle it for you.

We know this goes triple for something like tax incentives and rebates that are for special government programs and so we made sure to study every word of every program on the books to make sure that we are able to give our customers that extra added value.

With all of these elements in place, all the research done and our team of specialists built, we felt confident to go forward with our mission to support this technology… except one piece of the puzzle was missing. How would we get people to accept it?

Why We Do What We Do

While the truth about climate change is that we’re past the point where things will ever be ‘normal’ as the past 30 generations have known it and that it’s very possible within the next one-hundred years, life on Earth is likely to begin entering a mass-extinction event. That kind of abstract concept is not only very off-putting, but it’s also something that isn’t exactly fun to think about.

We needed something else to focus on, a trojan horse so to speak, that would allow us to pursue our mission of helping everyone transition to technology that can mitigate the possible future we’re headed toward without seeming as if we don’t care about either the customer or the present.

Once we looked at what we were doing from the ‘average customer’ point of view, we realized our best selling point was the cost savings themselves.

We know everyone’s feeling the pinch these days and that even keeping the things you’ve earned is harder than ever. When looking at what the total possible savings for installing this new tech was over time, including the rebates and discounts offered by government programs simply wanting to move the country to green energy, it became a no-brainer; we’d focus on the individual plight and necessities and thus Small Energy Bill was born.

The Real Goal

When they say ‘ethics cost money’, it doesn’t really have to and we believe that we found that perfect marriage of ideals and commerce that lets us sleep well at night knowing we are doing something good for our customers and our planet.

There’s plenty of rhetoric out there today about ‘limousine liberals’ and their luxuries to have ‘the best’
solutions for our modern problems, but that’s no longer true.

If we weren’t serious about what we want for the future, we wouldn’t even be here offering what we are
offering nor would we be as enthusiastic about it as we are.

Our hope is that once you see what immediate financial relief you can get from solar panels becomes apparent, you’ll realize that you’re helping everyone achieve a much greater goal and cause to ensure that the future itself is worth living for our grandchildren.

Contact us today and we will take care of your solar needs.