The Commercial Advantage of Small Energy Bill

One of the biggest political sticking points for businesses these days is operating as eco-friendly as possible. Many companies have made it their operating standard to reinforce consumerism without remorse, producing mountains and mountains of environmentally damaging bi-products along with the products themselves, which seem to trend toward disposability without culpability. While there’s no absolute guarantee that any regulations will catch up with these practices, the public itself is becoming more and more conscious about how these business practices contribute to a negative change to their environments. The more they learn about the operation of businesses, the more the public becomes angry or frustrated, which goes against a business’ interests, especially in relationship to their image. In California, solar solutions can go a long way in helping build or repair public image while also lowering the business’ operating overhead.

By choosing to go solar, you can prop up your image by actively showing your customers that you care about how you operate ethically with as much harmony to the environment as possible. Even if your business primary services are only informational, your participation in ‘dirty energy’ can eventually sneak up on your brand’s image. Going solar today can cut off any such criticism and possible recourse of the public before it becomes an issue it’s likely to come as the world moves into a post-human-caused climate change world.

The plus side is that by going solar, you’re going to save immense amounts of money by having an electricity farm directly on your premises. We know that business owners are far more concerned with day-to-day savings on the cost of operations than theoretical events that haven’t happened yet. Solar panel energy production right on your premises can have quite a large impact directly on your bottom line and give you a competitive advantage in your market by cutting costs on your energy consumption.

California Solar Repairs for Commercial Entities

Choosing a solar energy service installation package that works with your business needs is important to us here at Small Energy Bill. There are many ways to take advantage of this technology that range from solar roofing, solar installation to even a full-fledged solar farm on your business’ property. Panel style options can blend in with the look of your building or can be traditional in appearance, letting everyone know your business is serious about operating in an eco-friendly way.

Combining both solar insulation and Commercial solar panels offers simultaneous low-tech and advanced solar solutions for your energy needs. Solar insulation ensures that your building uses less energy to maintain internal climate control by reflecting solar rays which can heat up your building quickly during the daytime, putting a strain on your energy bill. When used in conjunction with solar panels, you are guaranteed to save up to fifty percent a month on your monthly energy needs on climate control alone.

Solar Savings

Top Engineering Solar Solutions in California

Every company has unique needs and requirements based on their existing structures and relationship with the power grid as well as building codes and other concerns which must be taken into consideration. Small Energy Bill is familiar with all relevant building codes and regulations to make sure that your installation is not only convenient but keeps your establishment free from possible issues related to regulations your buildings are subjected to. Our engineering team will ensure that the optimal installation does not interfere with your current electric needs and configuration while ensuring the greatest maximum exposure for maximum energy production.

In addition, if you have any requirements to monitor your property’s energy usage in real-time, we have multiple commercial solar solutions for California which offer monitoring tools. Data points include monitoring the health of your panels, weather forecast, and potential energy farming capabilities, stat trackers and all of the information is exportable to multiple databases and spreadsheet formats so that you can have all the information about your installation at your fingertips whether in front of a computer or out and about on your mobile device.

  • Small Energy Bill in California caters to commercial properties.
  • Here at our solar energy company, we offer a commercial solar installation package that will work with various types of businesses.
  • With our help, you can save up to 50% a month on your monthly electric bill!

Top Maintenance Services

In addition to monitoring the health of your system, if at any time you find an anomaly or have a question about the power output of your installation, our tech support is available to assist you. Whether you have a question about further optimizing its usage or you suspect there may be a serious problem, we respond to all requests with equal importance. In the event that your panels or inverter require repair, we offer top service technicians that deploy to your location on your schedule.

If your installation is covered by warranty, whether on the materials or our installation, we will ensure your maintenance is not only top quality but will have low costs as well if any at all. Some manufacturers’ warranties include complete product replacement and depending on the warranty you choose over the installation, the entire maintenance and repair process has the potential to be completely free of charge. How’s that for savings?


At Small Energy Bill, our goal is to serve your operational and financial needs. We will take care of connecting you to the power grid and net metering if necessary and will ensure your establishment gets all of the eligible rebates and tax exemptions possible. There are multitudes of programs offered by state and federal programs that can help you save even further and our business is to make sure your business saves in every way possible. Our staff can train you and your employees on how to ensure maximum savings and how to manage your power consumption and production so that you can be confident that everything related to your panels is saving you the most amount of money possible.


For estimates and consultation, call Small Energy Bill today at 801-471-4270 or contact our representatives online. We are ready to walk you through the process and options available for your location. Get ready for the small energy bill you’ve always wanted.