Commercial Solar Roofing

Commercial Solar Roofing – Get the Highest Financial Returns

Solar Roofing

Is commercial solar roofing worth it? Why use solar panels for your business?

Small Energy Bill answers all of these questions about commercial solar roofing as we introduce you to the many benefits that a commercial solar roofing system can give your business.

Solar panels can significantly reduce your business’s environmental footprint and save you money every year. That is a known fact.

A commercial solar roofing system will be beneficial regardless of whether your company is large or small.

If you own a business, it is most likely that you are active in the daytime, which means that you are a perfect candidate for utilizing a commercial solar rooftop system.

The energy that your system produces will immediately flow out for your use and excess energy can also be stored when you choose to install a solar battery storage system along with your solar array.

Why Use Solar Panels For Your Business?

Apart from letting your customers know that you are fulfilling your social responsibility to protect the environment, there are many great financial returns from installing a commercial solar power roofing system for your business.

1. Substantial Cost Savings

One of the key benefits of commercial rooftop solar is the significant cost savings. Energy from commercial solar will cost a fraction of what you are paying from a utility company.

Even small businesses are already befitting from solar, saving hundreds of dollars each year.

Over the 25-year lifetime of a commercial solar power system, this will equate to thousands of dollars.

In addition, the maintenance cost of solar is relatively low. Hence, you can enjoy reduced overall expenses for your electricity consumption.

With commercial solar panels, you can expect a payback time between 8 and 12 years which will depend on the size of your system (from as little as 10kw to as large as 250kw).

2. Additional Income Potential

We also install industrial solar panels that can generate excess energy. You can sell the excess energy to utility companies for a profit.

So if you ask, “Is a solar roofing business profitable?” The answer is definite, “Yes!”

3. Efficient Energy Production

Installation of Solar at HomeWe install commercial solar systems that can make your day-to-day operations more efficient. Standard solar panel efficiency is 15-20%, but they can reach 42% in some cases.

If you choose the monocrystalline solar panels made from one silicon piece and are known for being the most efficient solar panel material in the market, you can enjoy the energy-efficiency benefits.

We also install other types of solar panels at a cheaper cost.

Our expert solar installers will guide you through deciding which type of solar panels will be the best for your business and your roof type.

4. Lower Your Business’ Carbon Footprint

The benefits of the commercial rooftop solar panels that we install go beyond practicality and saving money.

When you switch to commercial solar, you are lowering your business’s carbon footprint and contributing significantly to protecting the environment.

Solar energy is renewable and carbon-neutral so when you choose solar, you are indicating that your business is committed to green and sustainable practices.

5. Solid Solar Incentives Tax Rebates

The Golden State offers some of the best solar rebates and incentives in the country.

This is one good reason that many businesses are switching solar.

Here’s a list of these incentives that significantly reduce the cost of commercial solar:

  • Federal Solar Investment Tax credit is the 26% reduced cost available for purchased solar systems installed by December 31, 2022.
  • Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) is the rebate you will get for buying and installing a solar battery along with a commercial rooftop solar panel system.
  • Solar Energy System Property Tax Exclusion is the exclusion of the added value from your commercial solar rooftop system.

All of these benefits assure you that commercial solar roofing is definitely worth it to invest in.

Thus, installing a commercial solar power roofing system is a smart financial move.

Small Energy Bill is your solar company specializing in large and small-scale commercial solar panel systems that serve a wide range of commercial sectors.

Our expert team has a clear understanding of the needs of your business.

Whether you are aiming to cut costs, reduce your carbon footprint, or secure your future energy supply, we offer expert commercial solar installations with proven high-yielding quality solar panels.

How Much Does Commercial Solar Roofing Cost?

Commercial Solar Roofing

The average cost of commercial solar panel installation in the US for 2021 ranges from $50,211 to $502,113.

On a cost-per-watt basis, a solar panel installation ranges in price from $2.46 to $3.32, according to EnergySage.

The cost of a commercial rooftop solar will depend on the cost of the solar panel, the solar inverter, labor cost, and the cost of balance of the system.

The improved technology of commercial solar panels and the rising costs of electricity makes the cost of installing a commercial solar roofing system much less than other energy sources in the market.

And with consistently sunny weather and several ways to save on the cost of commercial solar installation, your business can have a consistent source of clean, green, and free energy that will provide you an economic advantage in the long term.

Commercial Solar Roofing: The Right Fit For Your Business

Electricity prices are continuously on the rise. This makes renewable energy a safe and financially smart choice for business owners.

Commercial solar roofing from us will allow you to monitor how much you are spending on electricity and puts any surplus energy your solar system generates to good use.

With commercial solar roofing, you can achieve more and reflect this to your existing customers and potential customers.

It’s an added asset that shows the type of company you are.

While you help create a greener community, you are doing a commercial upgrade that will enhance both your buildings’ economical and aesthetical features.