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Solar Panels

As society’s dependence and consumption of electric energy continue to rise, so do the costs of running electronic devices and products.

Small Energy Bill’s commitment to offering homeowners electrical services that shrink their electric bill range from solar panels to solar installation such as solar roofing and ground-mount solar for your homes.

Here at Small Energy Bill, we make use of advanced roofing technology along with smart solutions to accommodate all types of roofing systems.

We make use of high-quality products. Our team is well-trained that can install your new roof that will deliver long-lasting protection and maximum durability.

Solar Panel Installations

Man installing solar panels

It’s also supported by multiple government programs that help to get everyone onto solar power systems with little to no out-of-pocket costs for nearly every home. That means you can start producing your own electricity that powers your modern life without costing you a lot of money.

Producing your own energy is the most efficient way of saving money on your electric bill without consciously reducing your electricity supply consumption.

Our engineers, technicians, and designers are highly-specialized and ready to help you save every day on your utility bill. They will set you up with all applicable programs that offer further rebates and incentives.

If you’re serious about paying less for your monthly electricity costs, Small Energy Bill’s solar panel installations and other solar panel services for your homes are both eco-friendly and within your financial reach.

In addition, we ensure that we abide by your Homeowners Association guidelines. We guarantee that nothing added to your home will depreciate in value or violate your home’s aesthetic.

We have a variety of options for looks and styles that work with your unique building’s design. Our technicians and engineers are qualified to meet all codes while maximizing your home’s energy production capabilities.

  • Small Energy Bill uses advanced solar roofing technology combined with smart solutions to accommodate all types of roofing systems.
  • Our high-quality roofing is guaranteed to be efficient & long-lasting.
  • Let our solar energy experts install excellent solar roofing for your California home.

Solar Insulation Installations

One of the most overlooked aspects of saving on energy bills is climate control. Sure, you can cut the amount of time that your air conditioner is running, possibly use fans instead of central air, and all other kinds of minor actions that end up being inconvenient.

This is why we offer solar insulation installations.

With solar insulation, your windows are treated so that the hot solar rays that beat through your windows during the day are reflected. The end result puts less strain on your climate control needs, such as air conditioning and fans.

By blocking the heat passing into your home, your power bill will shrink as less stress is put on your air systems.

Window and Door Fittings

A common problem with high utility costs comes from inefficient cooling. Window and door fittings that correct deficiencies of insulation can greatly reduce the load on your air conditioner and fan usages without changing the look of your home.

Fittings will prevent unwanted leakage of your climate controlled interior air that must be corrected by overworking your air conditioning system. When used in conjunction with solar insulation, you will notice the savings on your energy bill as well as notice the difference in temperature almost immediately.

Energy Monitoring Tools and Installations

Small Energy Bill also offers a selection of utilities that can help monitor and control your energy consumption automatically without sacrificing your lifestyle.

Everything from automatic light control that shuts off lights when you’re not in a room to metering that lets you know how much energy you use for devices your power every day helps you manage your energy bill with confidence and comfort.

Most people don’t realize how much energy they waste, which just adds to monthly their costs. By staying on top of consumption, you can directly see exactly how your usage can be optimized and reduced without feeling like you have to live like a monk to do it.

In addition, we offer tools that allow you to monitor usage remotely, as well.

Don’t want to waste money cooling your house while you’re gone, but also don’t want to come home to a hot box?

Choose between remote control through your mobile device or a simpler timer that flips the switch based on your schedule. Either way, you can be assured that you’re never needlessly costing yourself more money than you need to spend powering your home.

Dedicated Staff And Warranties

Tech installing solar panels

All of our energy saving products are backed by our expert staff.

Have a question about your solar panel energy production? Wondering about how to further optimize your air conditioner’s timer so that you can set it at the very last second and save that extra couple of dollars of uptime?

We can answer all of your questions and more.

Not only that, our service technicians and warranty plans are the best in the industry.

Whether an accident damages a solar panel and needs replacement or your dog chews up your remote control, we are always on call to honor warranties on all our products.

Our coverage of repairs and maintenance are only exceeded by our quality of service and care.

When you choose Small Energy Bill as your solution to shrink your electric utility costs, you’re choosing a partner that will help you get the most savings in every way possible. We make sure that at no time you’re left alone to figure out how to fix an issue.

Start Saving On Your Bill Today

Whether you are a first-time customer looking to have solar roofing or panels in your home or you’re a returning customer looking to further save with our auxiliary products, we’re ready to help you now.

Your energy needs are only going to grow as climate change continues to put strains on your well-being and wallet. Getting ready early is the only way to stay ahead of the future and the sooner you start saving, the more money you can save in the long term.

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We are available to answer your questions and offer advice on the best ways to minimize your energy usage and keep your electricity costs as low as possible