Save Money on Your Energy With Solar Panels

California’s state programs that incentivize moving toward eco-friendly energy are among the most progressive in America, shaming even the strong federal programs. California and by extension Los Angeles has a history of being progressive and setting the trends for the country. Today, this is no truer than with the push for Solar energy and related solar efficiency in energy production and use. Solar companies in Los Angeles county are stumbling over themselves to take advantage of these incentives and to get the greater public to go solar.

Small Energy Bill is committed to realizing a stable future of the planet by easing the transitioning our power needs to use renewable sources like solar. Solar panels are but one offering for the public to make the move, making our team one of the best solar companies in Los Angeles County.

Solar Installations

The poster-child of eco-friendly solutions people are looking for and the most obvious option that offers a significant savings in terms of tax credits and incentives is solar PV panel installations. Small Energy Bill’s technicians are the most trusted in Los Angeles county with decades of experience in the field of renewable energy between our highly talented engineers, technicians and designers. We intensely focus simultaneously affordable suppliers as well as the quality of their products. All of our installations are strengthened by warranties of the materials we use and the work we put into installing them, making our services the most reliable in the Los Angeles county when it comes to quality.

You will find that there are other solar power companies in the region that simply don’t have comparable capabilities to us when it comes to the variety of unique customer requirements and situations we serve. Our specialists will work with you to on your solar panel needs that meet all of your requirements from building codes, electrical needs and even get you set up to cash in on all of the available credits for your smart decision to go solar ahead of the curve.

Full Service

The net savings from solar panel adoption come not from creating your own source of energy, but from net metering. Net metering is the method by which you sell excess generated power you back to your local utility company, lowering your bill month in and month out. In residential dwellings, most people will be out and about at least part of the day. You are already likely energy conscious and will likely turn off lights and excessive appliances like your air conditioning while you’re away, but your solar installation will still be actively generating power. Any time you consume less power than you generate, that energy is sent back to your utility company for use in the greater grid. Energy produced that goes distribution actually will reverse your used wattage meter so that the end of month costs are diminished.

Combined with Small Energy Bill’s selection of energy saving services such as solar-powered water heaters, your potential for savings are increased as your home starts operating closer to a production plant. Our offerings include setting up the inverter that monitors and redistributes excess energy back to the grid so you can save with net metering. Small Energy Bill’s highly trusted team make this transformation as seamless and convenient so all you have to be concerned with is what to do with the cash you’re suddenly not spending on your monthly bill.

Solar Water Heaters

Solar panels aren’t where the services end, either.  Small Energy Bill offers a wide array of money saving eco-friendly products that collectively keep your monthly power bill as minimal as possible. At popular and also tax incentivized addition you can install to your home or business are solar water heaters. Modern conveniences we enjoy daily actually put a lot of our energy use habits into an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ category and we neglect to notice how much power we consume for things such as hot showers, washing dishes and other activities that require hot water. A solar water heater does the work of gas and electric water heaters with nothing but the power of the sun and saves you money without any impact to convenience.

We aren’t called Small Energy Bill for nothing and saving on your bill doesn’t begin and end with just solar panels.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Our specialists are also trained to energy saving installations operating as efficiently as possible. Whether you decide to have a remote solar health monitoring system where we monitor your system’s health, or you’d like to be more hands on and know first hand when something needs attention, getting the most out of your installations requires upkeep and Small Energy Bill can handle this as well.

Our technicians and representatives can answer all inquiries you have about your unique installation and offer quick responses to any inquiries or repair requests you may have. The warranty you purchase at time of installation can even make these maintenance visits free. We stand by our installations and want you to save the most money on your choice to go eco friendly with energy efficiency modifications to your home or commercial establishment and that always comes with world-class service to everyone in Los Angeles County.

Why Wait To Save?

No matter if your choice to get a simple window solar covering that puts less strain on your climate control system to save energy or you go hard in and get solar PV panels, the longer you put it off, the less you will save over long haul. We’re eager to serve you and promise to give you get the most your budget can afford so you can start saving the second we finish installation. No other solar company in Los Angeles County has the experience and wide variety of options as Small Energy Bill. Our commitment to putting a smile on your face when you get that first bill in, no matter what options you choose is our mission.

We guarantee you’ll have a smile on your face when you get that first bill in, no matter what options you choose. Other than Los Angeles county we also offer solar services in Riverside County.

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