Residential Solar Panels

Reliable Residential Solar Panel Systems

We’re coming quickly into the end of the first quarter of the 21st century yet there’s not much to show for it. We don’t have flying cars, we don’t have robot assistants that feed and play with our cats to keep them off us when we’re trying to get work done and we don’t have jet packs. However, that doesn’t mean we haven’t made serious advancements.

The future isn’t nearly as visually spectacular but you can’t get more futuristic than producing your own energy with solar panels at your home.

As our lives become more intertwined with electronics such as our phones, multiple tv’s and entertainment devices as well as the incoming onslaught of the ‘internet of things’, a typical household need for power is going to be more and more demanding.

When spread over every home, that can quickly escalate beyond what a traditional, 20th-century power grid can possibly handle. That’s where the future of solar power energy can make sure your life going into the future remains uninterrupted

Solar Energy Viability

The average home today has at least one computer, three mobile devices, 1½ refrigerators, a water heater, five fans, ten lights, three televisions, electric stove, toaster, central air conditioning  and so much more that all draw electricity to function.

If you’ve never really thought about it, doing a simple inventory of everything you own that plugs into an outlet should give you a sense of how much you actually rely on electricity daily. To power everything, and more that are guaranteed to enter your home as electronics continue to become even more a part of daily life, our current utility grids simply aren’t able to keep up with these needs.

US already experiences brownouts during the summer when climate control is running overtime. Without an alternative, those brownouts will start happening all year.

The solution is either to generate your own power right on your own property or give up the modern conveniences you’ve come to enjoy. Let Small Energy Bill help.

Solar Panel Costs

The advantage of generating your own electricity is that the actual installation will pay for itself. On average, in just five years, a solar panel installation will completely pay for itself in savings. This means that within five years, you just got a power generation plant installed in your home absolutely for free.

However, with federal incentives, you can practically get free solar panels today. Clean energy initiatives are so comprehensive and aggressive that, when combined with federal tax rebates and credits, most households can get a full solar roofing installation at virtually no cost out of pocket.

What that means is that you don’t have to wait for five years for your 21st century solution to pay for itself; it’s pretty much already paid for and you can immediately start saving on power.

On top of this, the net metering system allows you to actually reverse the costs of your monthly electric bill. Each kilowatt hour you normally incur during the day counts your power meter upward. At the end of the month, your utility provider reads the meter and charges you accordingly.

With net metering, when you’re using less energy than your solar panel installation is generating, the excess energy is transferred to your utility provider. This process spins your meter in reverse.

This means that your end of month costs are quite literally the only energy you actually used from your power company. It also means you don’t have to worry about potentially hazardous battery backup for night time power consumption on premises.

If you sent plenty of power back to the utility company, they redistribute it back to you as needed at night. In turn, this allows you to potentially save during the nighttime hours when your solar panels are at rest.

How Much Can You Expect To Save?

For most homeowners, the typical household of three residences can expect to save between 40-50% every month on their power bill without any change in daily activity or reduction in consumption.

Not only that, solar statistics show that the state is one of the most economically productive for solar in the entire world with more than 260 days on average of pure sunshine.

Even in overcast, your solar panels are still able to convert solar energy into electrical power, making even odd days of cloud cover virtually have no impact to your ability to save on your electric bill. It’s quite common that cloud cover is seen as an impedance to solar panel effectiveness to produce power, but in reality, the rays that generate electricity only are marginally impacted by even heavy cloud cover.

If you can see outside without a flashlight, there’s a good probability that there’s enough solar energy to generate electricity for use.

How Do I Take Advantage of This Free Energy?

Small Energy Bill is the market leader in solar panel installation. From the logistics of setting up your net metering system to ensuring that you get all of the state and federal tax incentives and even down to warranty repair services.

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This lets our professionals here at Small Energy Bill plug you into the modern world with solar energy is as easy as making a phone call.

Our professional solar panel experts will assess your home’s potential for solar energy and give you an accurate estimate on everything even down to what time of day you can expect to generate the most energy from the setup we design specifically for your house. If you want to start saving on your energy bill, Small Energy Bill is the most convenient way to make the switch to solar panel system.

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