Commercial Solar Installation

Expert Commercial Solar Panel Installation

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Choosing to go eco-friendly for your business is a big decision that can save your establishment a substantial amount of money every year.

Not only are there a multitude of tax incentives and rebates you can take advantage of with solar installation to help ease the operational costs of your business, but your decision contributes to a more sustainable future and helps promote your company’s commitment to protecting the community and its entire interests.

This, alone, speaks nothing to the logistics, time, goals, and engineering issues that must be considered with commercial solar installation.

Small Energy Bill’s specialty team of technicians, designers, and engineers are well-equipped to take care of your concerns and individual circumstances to ensure you get the most out of your commercial solar panels.

Surveying And Consulting for Solar

The first step of the process involves a consultation with our experts. Your goals and purposes outside of the obvious desire to save money will be discussed. This is where you should think about a few questions as you will need to answer them so that our team can best take care of you.

“Are aesthetics important?”

Installing Commercial Solar

When considering your commercial panel installation, you may or may not be concerned with the beautification of your building.

Some people believe that having a lot of exposed panels isn’t so nice looking but, then again, with the panels generally on top of the building, there’s a good chance they don’t draw any attention whatsoever… unless you want them to.

You could also consider the idea of presenting your establishment as eco-friendly by drawing attention to your installation as well.

Another option you may want are panels that blend right into your already existing aesthetics, both visible and invisible at the same time.

“What part of your property do you want to make use of?”

Another consideration is that your property that extends beyond your building may have the potential to draw more solar energy if utilized. You may consider, for instance, using a small bit of backlot as a mini ‘solar farm, though it’s always worth keeping in mind these decisions are always limited by building codes and physical restrictions of your property’s configuration.

“How much of your budget will be available for the installation?”

Of course, this question is one of money and is probably not even worth a reminder, but it definitely will have an effect on options for the other two questions.

These are just basic concerns that will be covered in a consultation, and of course, discussion of these points will allow our team to get an understanding of what your needs are, which will inform our engineers and team to properly assess what you want and feasibility of options with the physical location of the installation.

After our team conducts the site surveying, a finalized set of options tailored to your needs will be offered and, if necessary, further negotiations about the solutions offered can be made.

Obtaining Permits and Logistics for Commercial Solar Systems

After negotiating all of the details, our engineers will obtain all necessary permits and orchestrate the logistics, laying out a plan for review.

Our work schedule will be laid out for your approval. Oftentimes, we will request certain accesses and accommodations. The planning process is highly important to the installation itself and ensures both least the amount of impact in your day-to-day operations and speediest installation.

During the planning and logistics crystallization, our team will also be simultaneously obtaining the necessary permits and releases required to perform the actual work. We handle all of this transparently and you will not have to worry about any of it, helping you to create the space needed to get the actual work done.

Solar Installers: Installation and Testing

why choose solar sun surfer

The next phase is the actual installation of the panels. Depending on the complexity and scale of the workload, it can take anywhere from three to six months, possibly longer if there are any kind of extreme limitations that are required for work time by your establishment to avoid any kind of loss of your company’s activities. For almost all cases, this is unnecessary.

The installation process performed by our expert technicians and designed by our top engineers, will integrate with your existing electrical system and include, should you want it, a power efficiency monitoring system.

It is part of ongoing system-health monitoring that allows either local monitoring by your own employees or remotely by us to detect when your system needs maintenance.

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Our team will also take care of the tax incentives and credits that your specific system and circumstances are eligible for to maximize the savings and minimize the price of installation.

Warranty And Maintenance

The installation process doesn’t end when your solar power system is married to the panels we install.

Our work is covered by industry, standard warranties for both the materials and our work. Depending on the warranty you choose, our technicians will make routine visits to upkeep your energy investment. The monitoring available will alert either you or our technicians for any possible problems on the horizon.

We believe preventive maintenance is the most important protection of your new system. Any downtime or underperforming part of the installation limits the benefits of having commercial solar installers place the system for you, and thus your ability to save money on your energy bill.

Small Energy Bill’s mission is to ensure you save as much as possible on your energy bill every day.

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