Dallas Solar Installation: Quality Solar Panels To Reduce Your Energy Bill

Become more independent from the grid by using clean energy with a Dallas solar panel installation from Small Energy Bill. You can contribute to reducing carbon emissions from traditional power sources by using alternative solar energy. With solar panels, you can control how you consume electricity at home or in your company.

Solar panels are a worthwhile investment because you can even earn money back when you export extra energy your solar panel has generated back to the grid.

Be part of the exponential growth in the solar energy industry in Dallas. With the advancement of solar panel technology, it is becoming more affordable to have solar panels installed in your Dallas home with better and higher incentives and rebates than ever.

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Is it Worth it To Go Solar in Dallas?

When you go solar, you are taking advantage of one of nature’s most powerful free resources. Energy from the sun will last for billions more years. It can be harnessed by solar panels and converted into electricity to be used in your home.

Dallas has an average of 234 sunny days a year making it an ideal place for solar panel installation. Turn the solar energy that Dallas receives into electricity that will power your home and earn you savings from electric bills. With clean energy from solar panels, you are helping the environment and saving money at the same time.

Decreased Solar Panel Cost and Improved Technology With a Dallas Solar Panel System

Solar Panel Energy SavingSolar panel technology has improved tremendously over the years. Solar panel manufacturers are producing high-quality solar panels by the millions because of the increase in demand and technological advancements making solar panel manufacturing more efficient.

You are assured that your home will be installed with solar panels that meet the standards of the industry with premium solar panel efficiency.

You will not worry about upfront costs for solar panel installation because the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) reported that prices of solar panels have fallen 36% over the last five years. So what are you waiting for? Now is the best time to switch to clean solar energy in Dallas.

The Explosion of Dallas Solar Panels and Solar Panel Installations

Texas ranks second in the whole nation for the most number of solar panel installations. The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) reported that Texas alone has over 125,000 solar panel installations, enough to power 1,297,592 homes, including homes in Dallas.

The state has also additional incentives and rebates for homeowners who choose to switch to solar energy. This can significantly reduce the cost of installing a solar panel system in Dallas. Beat the heat of increasing electric bills by going solar today!

Protect Your Dallas Home Against Power Outages With Quality Solar Panels

Solar Panel Light Bulb VintageWith quality solar panels installed by only the best solar panel installers in Dallas, you can have the peace of mind that constant electricity can bring.

You will not need to worry about power outages anymore because you can save extra solar energy that you can use anytime. Power outages are not a problem any longer because you do not depend on power from the grid to provide you with the electricity you need at home.

We offer solar battery installations along with our solar panel system installation services. These solar batteries will store solar energy that can be converted into electrical power for your home when you need it.

Solar Panel Incentives, Solar Tax Credit, and Rebates With Solar in Dallas

It is certainly a great choice to go solar in Dallas not only for the sunny weather where you can get the optimum amount of sunlight but also for the incentives that the state has to offer. Here are the current solar incentives, tax credits, and rebates available in Dallas that make solar worth the investment:

1.  Federal Solar Tax Credit

Solar Panel Computer on TableTexas offers a 26% federal solar tax credit deducted from the total cost of installing solar panels. When you choose to switch to solar in Dallas, this amount is deducted from your federal taxes. This is only applicable to individuals who are paying federal income taxes and who are buying their solar panel system outright. Buying outright means you are either purchasing with cash or through a loan.

2.  Solar Panel Incentives

The state offers top incentives for homeowners who choose to switch to solar. Here are two incentives you may benefit from:

  • Renewable energy systems property tax exemption

You can increase the value of your home with a solar energy system. Even if installing a solar panel is considered a home addition or improvement, you will not be required to pay a property tax for it. Solar panel installations are exempted from property taxes despite the additional property value it gives.

  • Texas net metering

One of the best ways you can secure your home electricity when you need it is the net metering policy. If your utility is offering this, you are assured that you will receive credits on your electric bill when you give back to the grid extra energy that your solar panel system produced.

Likewise, when you run out of converted solar energy, you can use the metering credits you earned to use electricity from the grid without having to pay for it.

  • Solar rights law

Texas has a solar rights law that protects homeowners who have solar panels installed in their homes. This law states that homeowners’ associations do not have the right to prevent homeowners to install solar panel systems on their properties.

3.  Solar Rebates

Many large and small utilities offer a rebate program where homeowners can be paid back for using solar. In addition, homeowners generating energy with solar panels can also get paid a certain amount for every kilowatt-hour (kWh) that their solar panels generate.

Small Energy Bill Savings

The average cost of installing a solar panel in Dallas is between $10,294 to $12,582. The average 25-year savings can be from $27,276 to $33,338. It is important to note that the higher your power usage, the higher your potential savings will be.

Since the price of solar panel installation has dropped by more than 80% in the last ten years, you can expect to experience a return on your solar panel investment well above the long-term average return of other investments like real estate.

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