Take Ownership of Your Home Energy Production in Palm Springs With Residential Solar

Don’t get stuck paying high electric bills every month. You can take control of your home energy production in Palm Springs with a residential solar energy system.

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Palm Springs is a vacation destination set in the Sonoran desert with plenty of sunny days. Abundant sunshine, clear blue skies, warm temperatures, and rarely a hint of rain make Palm Springs an ideal location for residential solar.

Why You Should Invest in Residential Solar in Palm Springs, CA

Known for its mid-century modern style, Palm Springs is a favorite place for the championship golf courses, warm weather, and a fun and welcoming vibe.

Beyond the golf resorts and swimming pools, there are plenty of things to do and places to visit. The top sightseeing destinations in this sunny city include the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, Air Museum, Indian Canyons, the Coachella Valley Preserve, museums, zoos, and so much more.

When it’s cold in most parts of North America, Palm Springs swells with visitors because of its warmer weather. Thanks to the generous amount of sunlight in the city which also gives great potential to residential solar.

Get to know why you should invest in residential solar in this desert resort city:

       1. So Many Sunny Days

Palm Springs solar energyOn average, there are 296 sunny days per year in Palm Springs. While the US average is only 205 sunny days, the great amount of sunshine in the city increases the efficiency of residential solar energy systems installed.

Small Energy Bill has the best solar software and advanced methods that our expert solar installers use for every residential solar system project.

We only use premium modeling software that accurately takes into account all relevant environmental factors when we design your solar energy system.

We install high-quality solar panels that will generate the maximum amount of sunshine to convert into electricity to effectively and efficiently power your home.

2. Great Rebates and Incentives

California is known to be the leading state for solar. The Golden State consistently tops the Solar Energy Industries Association’s list for the best states for solar.

The state offers solar incentives that have made homeowners switch to solar in the past decade.

You can get the best benefits of going solar with these generous solar incentives, tax credits, and rebates when you install residential solar:

  • Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

The 26% federal tax credit is available for purchased home solar systems installed by December 31, 2022.

For example, if you have a business making an investment of $100,000 in solar, its federal tax bill will be offset by $26,000 in the first year alone.

Note that the ITC will decrease to 22% for projects starting construction in 2023, so immediacy is the key. Install your residential solar in Palm Springs now!

  • Self-Generation Incentive Program

You will get a rebate for buying and installing a solar battery along with a rooftop solar panel system. The amount will vary by utility and storage capacity.

  • Solar Energy System Property Tax Exclusion

Even if a solar panel system is considered a home improvement project that increases the value of your home, you will not need to pay additional tax. This incentive excludes the property tax on the added home value from your solar panel system.

  • Net Metering Incentives or NEM 2 Program

When you generate more electricity than your home or business needs, you can export it to the grid. You will get a little less than the full retail rate of electricity for the power you export but the cost of your exported electricity will be credited to you and you can receive payment for it.

The cost will be the rate equivalent to the 12-month average spot market price for the hours of 7 AM to 5 PM for the year in which the surplus power was generated.

3. Increasing Electricity Costs

solar enery company in Palm SpringsSolar panels can help you offset the ever-increasing and expensive residential and commercial electricity bills. With a solar panel system, you will be able to generate your clean power, entirely from a free source.

While other households and businesses are worrying about increasing electricity prices, your solar energy system will give you peace of mind. You don’t have to spend as much on expensive electricity.

When you have paid off your initial upfront costs for your system materials and labor cost for installation, you won’t have to pay your electrical company at all. The best thing is that you won’t bother and be stressed when electricity costs increase.

4. Short Payback Period

In connection with the upward trend of increasing electricity prices, you will notice that you will enjoy a shorter payback period when you compute your monthly savings with a solar panel system.

California is included in the states that have the quickest return on investment (ROI) for owned solar energy systems. If you own a 5kW solar system, you can expect a system payback of fewer than 10 years in Palm Springs. The payback period can even become shorter because of the generous net energy metering (NEM) program in California.

5. Significant Amount of Savings

With high-quality and efficient solar panels from the Small Energy Bill, you can achieve savings well beyond $1,200 per year with a solar energy system. This amount can even increase considering how electricity prices increase every year and the reduced cost of solar panels because of solar incentives and tax rebates.

Switching to Residential Solar in Palm Springs

Cut electricity bills, reduce your carbon footprint, and receive payments for the extra energy you generate with residential solar in Palm Springs. Our expert solar technicians will install your solar energy system so that you can generate your own renewable electricity that will benefit you for several years down the road.

It has never been easier or cheaper to generate your own reliable and clean electricity.

With Small Energy Bill residential solar energy system, you will be surprised at how little it can cost to benefit financially and contribute to the environment.