Save Big With Solar Tax Credits

Climate change is happening and has the potential if left to continue on its course, to change the future of the planet, nevermind just humans. Already, the Great Barrier Reef, a million-year-old living structure that provides an entire sea ecosystem, is more than half dead due to global temperature rise, which will have a chain effect on fishing and tourism industries as just a bare minimum. Experts know it’s a severe problem and offer Solar Tax Credits in an effort to help combat this global problem.

It only takes a difference of internal body temperature of one degree Fahrenheit for a human to feel sick and it only took about half a degree temperature change to kill of the most significant and largest coral reef on the planet and we are guaranteed as a planet to have an increase in two degrees over the next fifty years.

The speed with which the temperature is increasing may seem unnoticeable, but the parable of the frog being slowly cooked in water if you increase the temperature slow enough is very true here, though we have the added misfortune of wild new weather events such as storms, heat waves, tornados, possibly even volcano eruptions which will alert everyone that climate change is happening.

It’s for this reason that many governments around the world, including the United States, have begun to implement strong incentives for people to help mitigate and stop the climate from going beyond the two-degree change. We cannot reverse the two-degree change, we’ve missed that boat but with incentives like Solar Tax Credits, we can do something.

Climate scientists believe we can adapt to a two-degree change, though it will be difficult, now we are in the window of a four to five-degree change, which it is unknown we will survive. One of the ways we can mitigate this is by reducing and, in best cases eliminating, dirty energy. We all use the energy of some sort, whether you’re a small printing business, a homeowner or own a large factory. That energy typically comes from fossil fuels which contribute heavily to the situation we face.

However, we have alternatives to dirty energy produced in these ways and federal and state governments are willing to pay for these alternatives in order to protect what we still can of the future for our children and grandchildren. One of these solutions is Solar PV Panels.

How Solar PV Panels And Net Metering Work

Solar PV panels take the energy that shines down on the Earth for free every day by our sun and converts that energy into electricity. Each location that has panels will produce its own energy, but will still be connected to the traditional energy grid through an inverter. The utility company will still provide power, but your panels will also be providing power. When you’re using less energy than you’re producing, the excess energy is sent to the utility company to redistribute on the power grid and the inverter monitors and records this, counting your traditional wattage meter backwards; in essence, the utility company pays for the energy you produce and don’t use. This means at the end of the month, your energy bill is only the price of what you used and didn’t produce. More importantly, it helps reduce the overall necessity of burning fossil fuels which contribute to climate change.

Solar Tax Credits and Tax Incentives

The state and federal governments understand the severity of the future we face and have begun to do whatever is possible short of actual force to get as many people into clean alternative energy production as possible, whether it’s constructing windmills or, in our case, essentially paying for the installation of solar PV panels for homes and businesses.

For most homeowners, the costs for installation of solar PV panels are paid for almost entirely by state and federal tax benefits and for those that aren’t covered completely, the costs are still minimal. Even for a large business that requires dozens and dozens of panels and even businesses wishing to create full fledge solar farms can have a large portion of their switch to solar paid for by the state and federal governments.

The only problem is that the government isn’t a business and therefore doesn’t have an advertising department letting everyone know about all the programs that exist a person or business can take advantage of.

Small Energy Bill has studied the programs and knows exactly what programs are for what kind of installation and property as well as how to file and process them and is just one part of our total service package if you decide to choose us for your solar energy needs. We even take care of the grid connectivity for the net metering process as well.

Save the World, Save Money

It’s something that cannot be overstated enough; every one of us is going to have to contribute to the eco-friendly future if there is to be any hope of anything resembling ‘prosperity’ to even children being born today when they reach adulthood. Climate change isn’t imminent, it’s already here, knocking at the door of humanity. We all have a responsibility to the climate since our daily actions contribute to changing the environment and this small thing of installing solar panels for one person, if done by everyone, can have a huge impact on the ability for humans in the future to enjoy the lives we enjoy today.

Even if you’re not interested in 50 or 75 years down the road and what future generations will face from nature’s correction course, you can still save money today. Producing your own energy instead of relying entirely on purchasing it is one of the most significant ways of protecting your bank account as well as the world.

Call Small Energy Bill to find out more about our solar panel services as well as the other products and offerings like our solar power financing options.