Commercial Ground Mount Solar

Power Your Business and Reduce Your Overheads With Commercial Ground Mount Solar

The Golden State is unarguably one of the best and ideal states in the country for generating solar energy.

The high energy demand in this most populous US state has increased solar residential and commercial installations. Commercial ground mount solar installations are not exempted.

Small Energy Bill provides a complete turnkey solution that will generate energy in your back garden that will provide you with free electricity for more than 25 years.

We install a commercial ground mount solar that will reduce your overheads and secure your future energy.

Solar panels for commercial use are not only a greener way to power your business, but they can significantly reduce your energy bills, thereby reducing your overhead costs, by up to 70% each year.

Commercial Ground Mount Solar

California commercial ground mount solar

A ground array of solar panels may suit your particular premises or offer a solution for your business if a roof-mounted system is not a viable option.

Commercial ground mount solar panels are also an effective means to increasing your on-site generation of electricity if your roof cannot accommodate the number of solar panels that are needed to produce the electricity you need to power your business.

Our team of expert solar engineers and technicians can discuss any requirements you may have as part of your initial survey. The ground mount solar array can be your ideal solution, and we will provide you a tailored service to meet your business requirements.

Are Commercial Solar Panels Worth It?

Small Energy Bill is able to assist you in specifying the best commercial solar ground mount energy system to be integrated within your building project.

We provide estimated costs at an early stage of the project with a quoted price being provided prior to the final go-ahead.

To give you an idea if commercial ground mount solar panels are worth it, here are some things to consider:

  • Reduced Costs of Solar Panels

The Solar Energy Industry Association reported that the cost of solar has come down 75% since 2006. Solar panels today are 100 times cheaper than they were way back in 1977.

The reasons that have driven down the cost include:

» Increased government support of research and development

» Increased innovation with products that are less costly and more effective and efficient

» Decreased installation and maintenance costs

  • Reduced Upfront Investment

We can install your ground mount solar racking at our expense while you purchase the power from us. This will free you from capital expense while still being able to take advantage of lower energy prices.

  • Available Private and Public Funding

We are affiliated with private and public institutions that are willing to help fund the mounting of your solar panels if you don’t have enough budget.

The state, likewise, offers a solid mixture of tax credits and tax waivers that will significantly decrease the cost of your commercial ground mount solar.

We can help determine if your business is eligible for federal funding and other solar discounts or rebates. There are also a number of utilities that can even purchase the excess solar energy that you produce on your system.

  • Reliability in Purchase and Delivery of Electricity

commercial ground mount solar panels

A commercial ground mount solar panel system can provide your business a source of backup electricity during power failures.

This prevents an expensive work stoppage that can significantly affect your revenue.

Solar equipment platforms will also offer a hedge against power company rate hikes, which averages about 6% per year. This can be a pain in the neck when you compute your overhead costs in production and operation.

Your solar panels can produce the most energy during summer afternoons, the time of “peak demand”, when energy costs tend to be at their highest. So, you get to save money from having to pay your utility company every month.

  • Financial Benefits

Solar panels are now a mass-produced product, delivered at a competitive price.

While energy prices that power conventional sources of electricity have increased every year, the price of installing solar has decreased.

We install a commercial ground-mount solar system that will provide you these financial benefits:

» Free electricity for more than 25 years

» Financial returns of up to 20% per annum

» Payback installation costs within approximately 5 years

The upfront costs of installing solar commercial panels are oftentimes intimidating, especially that it takes years to recover from these costs through energy savings alone.

Our solar panels ground mount installations is an investment that is guaranteed to pay for itself. After the payback period, your system will continue to produce power for over 20 years.

Even when your business typically pays lower energy rates because you are a large consumer of electricity, a commercial ground mount solar can make an impact in reducing your operating expenses significantly.

Is Ground Mounted Solar Cheaper?

Commercial ground-mounted solar systems are generally more expensive to install because they require more materials for the foundation than roof-mounted ones.

However, they will be cheaper from long-term consideration because they don’t cost too much to maintain and are not as restricted to space compared to roof-mounted solar panels.

Ground-mounted solar racking also allows much freedom to be adjusted to achieve maximum efficiency because it operates at a lower temperature on the ground.

The extra power they supply makes them a cheaper alternative to the roof-mounted solar system.

Get More Solar Solutions With Solar Commercial

Small Energy Bill offers solar services and maintenance solutions for commercial ground mount solar energy systems. We ensure that your system performs for its 25-year warranty.

With experienced and reliable solar engineers and technicians, we bring you the latest expertise and technology in the solar industry that will optimize financial returns for your business.

Give us a call today to get started on your solar journey!