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Small Energy Bill is your premier solar provider in the Golden State. We install only the best quality solar energy panels with all the tax credits and financial incentives that the state and the locality provide for those who go solar.

In one of the fastest-growing cities in California, you will find the best solar energy company offering top-quality solar energy system installations at an affordable cost.

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Reduce your environmental impact beginning today while you save on electricity costs with the eco-friendly and cost-efficient way to power your home or business.

Murrieta is committed to encouraging and supporting solar energy system installations that provide these wonderful benefits:

  1. Generate renewable energy that is free
  2. Provide stable electricity
  3. Reduce pollution

Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, switching to solar is a worthy investment that you will benefit from for its whole lifetime. Generate your own clean and affordable energy while making the most out of California’s solar incentives.

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The Benefits of Going Solar With a Murrieta Solar Energy Company

The city of Murietta is well-loved by its residents for its gorgeous surrounding vineyards and idyllic scenery.

It’s a fast-growing city in the Golden State that is known for its grapes and its picturesque outdoors that anyone wouldn’t like to miss.

Of particular note in the region is the Santa Rose Plateau Ecological Reserve where you can spend an afternoon taking in the majesty of creation.

You can also visit Copper canyon park, Susie Q Ranch, Tenaja Falls, and many other beautiful sites the region has to offer.

The sunny weather in Murrieta makes it an ideal place for solar. You will also experience the best solar installation services from a premier Murrieta solar energy company: Small Energy Bill.

Our years of experience and expertise in the solar industry will bring you these benefits of having a solar system installed in your home or business:

  1. Source of Energy is Free

    There are 275 sunny days per year in Murrieta. That is a generous amount of free energy that your solar energy system can convert into electricity enough to power your home and business.

    Having plenty of sunshine means that you can produce even more energy than you need. You can store the excess energy in your battery or give it back to the grid. Your electricity company can pay you for that extra electricity that you produce.

  2. You Won’t Worry About Relatively High Electricity Prices

    The main reason why homeowners and business owners switch to solar in Murrieta is to reduce the amount of money they spend on electricity bills.

    When you have your own solar energy system installed by a Murietta solar energy company like Small Energy Bill, you will be able to generate your own electricity, entirely from a free source—the sun.

    Hence, you won’t have to spend as much on expensive electricity because all you need to spend on is the initial upfront cost of labor and materials during the installation of your system. You won’t even bother when electricity costs increase.

  3. Significant Savings

    When installing your solar energy system and paying upfront, you will benefit from the solar tax rebates and incentives that will significantly reduce the total amount you will have to pay during installation.

    Solar Panels - Small Energy BillWe will get deeper into the incentives later. This is just the first taste of savings that you will enjoy from installing solar.

    The best savings will come when after your solar system has paid for itself, you will not be spending any amount on electrical consumption.

    Imagine how much you will be saving every day, every month, and every year because you are producing your own electricity! You will not depend on electricity from the grid.

    You might even be earning money when you give back to the grid your excess generated electricity.

    The average 25-year savings with solar panels in Murrieta amounts to $40,851 to $49,929. This will even increase with time considering the rising cost of electricity nationwide.

  4. Short Payback Period

    While electricity prices continue to increase, your monthly savings on a solar panel system will likewise increase.

    Along with this, you will notice that you will enjoy a shorter payback period.

    California is included in the states that have the quickest return on investment (ROI) for owned solar energy systems.

    In fact, in Murrieta, you can expect a payback period of 5.8 to 7.4 years on a typical 5 kW solar energy system.

  5. Great Solar Incentives, Tax Credits, and Rebates

    You can enjoy generous solar incentives, tax credits, and rebates when you go solar in Murrieta. We recognize these incentives and we honor them in every solar installation project.

  • Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

    You will get a 26% federal tax credit for a purchased home solar system. So for a $100,000 investment, this incentive will offset $26,000 in the first year alone.

  • Self-generation Incentive Program

    You will get a rebate for buying and installing a solar battery along with a rooftop solar panel system.

  • Solar Energy System Property Tax Exemption

    You will be excluded from paying the property tax on the added home value from your solar panel system.

  • Net Metering Incentives

    You will get a little less than the full retail rate of electricity for the power you export but the cost of your exported electricity will be credited to you and you can receive payment for it. In short, you will earn from generating extra electricity from your solar system.

Solar: A Great Investment in Murrieta

Murrieta is a great place to go solar. You get significant incentives that can help you maximize your savings potential.

The generous amount of sunshine that the beautiful city receives can be used to generate clean, renewable energy for your home or business.

Small Energy Bill is your trusted solar energy company that can help you enjoy all the benefits of going solar today!

We provide solutions to optimize solar and energy asset performance at an affordable cost. Contact us today!