Solar Savings in San Bernardino: Best Solutions for Consumers

California’s push toward renewable and clean technologies is among the most advanced in the country, going further than even federal programs. With a long history of championing forward-thinking, California treats technologies and energy with the same fervor. Solar power and related sustainable energy home and business solutions are part of this comprehensive program. Companies in San Bernardino County are locked in a battle to provide the best solutions for consumers, but none hold a candle to Small Energy Bill.

Our enthusiastic staff is dedicated to building the bright future proposed by state legislation and helping the public adopt clean and eco-friendly energy with as few obstacles as possible. Not only do we have solar panels on offer, but we install a variety of solar and energy-saving products that increase your savings, making our team one of the best solar companies in San Bernardino county.

Solar Panels Installed in San Bernardino

The most popular environmentally sound product people are looking for and a highly valuable option in terms of state and federal tax programs is solar PV panels. Our dedicated team is the most trusted in San Bernardino County with years of hands-on experience spread across expert engineers, technicians, and designers. Our team balances affordability with quality products, partnering only with suppliers that meet our strict requirements. Our installations are covered by the warranty on both the installed materials as well as our own labor, making Small Energy Bill the most reliable and customer-satisfying energy saving company in the industry.

Other solar companies in San Bernardino county lack the care and know-how of Small Energy Bill when it comes to meeting the variety of unique customer needs and circumstances. Our world-class designers will work with you to create a customized solution for your energy needs that take into account technical aspects like building codes, electrical needs as well as financial and clerical requirements such as budget and filing for tax rebates.

Full Service Solar Options

Solar panel installations get their value not from powering your building, but from net metering. Net metering is a process by which you sell unused  power you generate back to your power company,  lowering your costs to meet your energy needs. For example, residents will be vacant at least part of the day while working or taking care of personal needs out in town. If you are already concerned with your power bill, you will likely shut off your lights and appliances like your AC system while away, but your solar panels will still be quite active. If you consume less energy than you produce, that energy is sent to your utility company for re-use. All power produced by you sent to your utility company will be reflected by your meter as it counts backward the same way it would if you were using power from the grid while it counts forward.


If you choose to combine Small Energy Bill’s other energy-saving building modifications such as solar-powered water heaters, your possible earnings will increase as your home becomes an energy production facility. Our offerings include installing the inverter which monitors energy sent back to your power company so you can save through net metering on your electric bill every month. Small Energy Bill’s trusted representatives make this transition possible so seamlessly, all you have left to worry about what to do with the money you save.

Solar Water Heaters

We don’t offer just solar PV panels; they’re just the tip of the iceberg. We offer a comprehensive array of power-saving devices and building modifications that collectively add up to huge savings every month. One of these is the less talked about but very effective item known as a solar water heater. Most people often don’t think about the energy used to heat their water for things like showers, washing dishes, cooking, and other needs. Removing the need to pay for heating water can save you quite a lot on your monthly bill without sacrificing your quality of life or cutting back on your hot water needs.

We aren’t called Small Energy Bill for nothing and saving on your bill doesn’t begin and end with just solar panels.

Maintaining Your Solar Panels

Our skilled team is trained to outfit and also maintain your systems to keep them operating as efficiently as possible. We offer both a remote solar health monitoring system for less fuss to you but if you’d like to be more hands-on with your new system, or you’d like to have more control and know immediately when something is possibly operating inefficiently, we offer systems monitoring that operates the way you want.

Our specialists will always be on stand-by and can answer your questions about your system and deliver quick and reliable response times whether you simply have some inquiries or you have repair and maintenance requests demanding fast action. When adding in your warranty option, maintenance visits may even end up being cost-free. We are confident enough to stand by our installations and want you to feel confident with them and get the most out of your energy-saving systems and modifications to your home or commercial building. This means world-class service to everyone in San Bernardino County is a must and we deliver on that, too.

Don’t Wait on Your Small Energy Bill!

Whether you simply want to get a simple window solar covering to put less strain on your cooling and heating systems or you won’t go full power with solar panels, the more you wait, the less you will save. We’re ready to help you get the most savings possible so you can start seeing the difference the minute our work is complete. No other solar power company in San Bernardino County has the level of knowledge and a wide variety of offerings as Small Energy Bill. We know you’ll smile when that first bill comes in, no matter what services you choose. Call us today at 801-471-4270 to start saving!