Solar Energy Storage

Commercial Solar Battery

With the increasing public awareness of climate change and global warming, businesses are shifting from non-renewable to green energy with the help of Small Energy Bill.

The traditional use of fossil fuels has been the number one cause of climate change due to carbon and greenhouse emissions. Renewable energy such as wind and solar do not produce emissions and hence preferred due to their environmentally friendly nature.

Home wall battery conceptOf the numerous renewable energy sources, solar energy has been the most popular. Over the years, solar energy has grown exponentially and the trend is not stopping anytime soon. Solar energy is harnessed from the sun’s heat to provide electricity that can be used in homes or businesses.

For most companies and households, the energy bills are a significant expense and taking measures to manage the energy use better and reducing carbon emissions, can directly affect the cost structure, reputation, CSR credentials, competitiveness, and reputation.

Small Energy Bill can help you cut energy costs dramatically without much effort or capital. Solar energy storage can help amplify these savings by taking care of the demand charges. Combining solar and storage creates numerous saving ways to benefiting households and companies with the correct energy profile.

Commercial solar energy storage has, therefore, become a popular and valuable business. All you need to do is to find a reliable, affordable and trusted company that will provide quality solar storage services for your business, no matter its size.

Commercial Solar Battery Storage and How it Works

Solar batteries are large storage units that are usually found outside the building charging during the day when linked to a solar PV system or during the night from the grid when there are low energy demands.

It is the DFFR, Dynamic Firm Frequency Response that monitors and discharges the energy stored. The batteries are typically made of rechargeable lithium-ion that is stored in the smaller battery packs found within the unit.

Experienced experts in solar energy storage will offer all solutions including analyzing suitability and opportunities and specifying the right solutions as well as solar installation.

We deliver the industry-leading energy storage expertise and answers to your home or business. The businesses can be installed as a stand-alone solution or as part of the broader energy plan with the commercial solar PV panels.

commercial solar installation - Small Energy Bill

This creates an extra income stream through the dynamic response service designed to the grid. Solar batteries are mainly intended for commercial energy storage and store electricity for solar self-consumption, backup power, off-the-grid use, and load shifting.

Additional revenue can also be generated when you allow your battery to support the National Grid via the balancing mechanism. The storage systems do not produce carbon emissions and hence, comply with the Climate Change Act 2008.

Your solar energy storage works in three main steps:

  • One is that during the day, the solar systems use the batteries to store the excess energy generated.
  • Step two is the intelligent software that coordinates between solar and storage. The software optimizes how and when the power will be used.
  • In the last step, the stored energy can be released when the rates are high, or to keep the supply at a constant level avoiding peak demand charges.  It is also used to stay under a certain energy use threshold as well as avoiding moving into a higher rate tariff.

Benefits of Installing Commercial Solar Energy Storage

As mentioned earlier, a battery storage unit helps your home or business better manage electricity consumption. Below are some other advantages of commercial solar energy storage.

Generate Additional Revenue

If you’re looking for a new income generator, you can use on-site battery storage. It can be used solely to the advantage of the business’s operations and modulating the use of grid electricity, thus reducing costs. You can as well use a combination of the two and thus getting the maximum revenue from this flexibility.

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Storage of Excess Solar Energy

This feature acts as a store for the excess electricity generated instead of exporting it. If the local infrastructure requires improvement to enable the connection of new renewable systems, solar battery can be used to reducing the upgrading costs.

This will also give you control of the energy that you will use to power your residence or business. The excess energy can also be used at night or when there are unfavorable weather conditions such as passing clouds or rain.

This is because, during this time, the generation of solar electricity will fluctuate. The solar energy storage batteries will help the business or household develop a controlled output as well as a smooth generation profile.

Load Shifting and Peak Shaving

You can reduce your energy costs by charging the solar energy storage batteries when the energy is cheap. This can either be at night through the grid when the tariffs are low or during the day when there is excess solar energy. The power can then be shifted to the periods when the energy is expensive, for example, during the peak seasons.

Operating the storage batteries in this manner will help save a lot. Peak shaving is when you reduce peak consumption as explained above hence saving money on the distribution charges that are levied by the electricity supplier during the peak periods.

Reduced Reliance on Fossil Fuels

When combined with the solar PV panels, the battery storage will assist in reducing the dependence on fossil fuels. This helps in moving away from unsustainable energy generation methods that damage the environment.

The installation of commercial solar battery storage offers many benefits to your business or households. However, the ability to install will depend on the ability of the local electricity grid to accommodate it and the site’s infrastructure.

We can make initial inquiries on behalf of your business to confirm the viability of the battery. We will also offer indicative streams of revenue depending on the present energy prices, and market conditions. 

We’re here and ready to assess your business, provide the best solar energy storage solutions for your site, and get your business the Small Energy Bill you deserve. Call us now to know more about this service and other commercial solar services that we offer.