Top Quality Commercial Solar Installation in Palm Springs – Small Energy Bill

A medium-sized commercial solar installation in Palm Springs is able to reduce electricity bills by 90%. Businesses that own or are looking to purchase commercial property are ruling more of the market.

They often have multiple buildings on their land with little cash flow to manage all of them. Commercial solar energy is an excellent way for business owners to save money while combating their environmental footprint.

Commercial Solar Installation in Palm Springs Reduces Utilities

commercial solar installationA well-made commercial solar installation in Palm Springs is able to reduce utilities by 90%. This type of green energy system has an extremely high return on investment when compared with other investments that do not produce a return.

Commercial energy sources are typically expensive for businesses, which drives up electrical bills. However, a commercial solar energy plan can be installed on most types of buildings. The average for this type of return is about five years.

How Much Does It Cost?

It’s a good idea to understand what you are getting into before you start thinking about installing solar panels at your house. There are three costs you will incur when switching from the grid to solar power: installation cost, electricity bill savings, and the payback period you have to go through for this project to be worth it.

Commercial solar installation in Palm Springs costs a little more than residential systems. The average commercial system runs around $5 per watt while the average household is closer to $3.50 per watt.

The cost of a commercial energy system can be broken down into four main parts: labor, equipment, permitting, and interconnection approvals from the utility company. Small Energy Bill in Palm Springs can help you with solar energy installation for your commercial properties. Contact us today to know more information! If you need a quality commercial solar installation, Small Energy Bill is a great choice.