Commercial Solar Roofing Service in Palm Springs – Save Money on Your Energy Bills

Commercial Solar RoofingIs commercial solar roofing worth it? Why use solar panels for your business in Palm Springs?

Small Energy Bill answers all of these questions about commercial solar roofing in Palm Springs as we introduce you to the many benefits that a commercial solar roofing system can give your business.

If you are considering solar power, but have been unable to find an affordable solution, then this is the article for you. We can actually lower your energy bills or pay for most of your new system with the Commercial Solar Roofing Service in Palm Springs.

We have been in the solar industry for over a decade and have installed hundreds of systems throughout California. We know what works and what doesn’t, so we will provide you with all the options available, using only proven products.

Commercial Solar Roofing Service in Palm Springs is actually more affordable than ever today! In fact, solar energy is less expensive than traditional energy sources. Solar power has no negative impact on the environment and is extremely reliable – even during power outages.

Benefits of Solar Roofing in Palm Springs

Lower energy bills.  Commercial Solar Roofing Service in Palm Springs can save you up to 50% on your monthly utility bills! You could use the money you save to travel more, go out for dinner more often, or simply make your life easier.

Protects the environment. If everyone used solar power, then all of our natural resources would be used sustainably. There is no need to mine the earth to provide power when we can harvest energy from the sun!

How Much Does Commercial Solar Roofing Cost?

The total cost of Commercial Solar Roofing in Palm Springs depends on a number of factors. The most important factor is your roof’s orientation and pitch. A west-facing roof with a 20° pitch is ideal for solar power, while south or east-facing roof will work equally well.

Commercial Solar Roofing Service in Palm Springs uses highly efficient black solar panels to absorb the sun’s rays. This is different from traditional rooftops, which are white or other lighter shades that reflect solar energy.

Light-colored surfaces offer little protection during the hot summer months when homeowners need them most. Our commercial roofs use heat reduction technology that will keep your home cool and comfortable during the day. Contact us now to get more information!